Mountain Bike Wheels – Everything You Need to Know

Mountain bikes have specific types of wheels, which are built (and used) differently than say, road bikes. They generally come in three sizes, 24 inch, 26 inch, and 29 inch. 26 inch wheels are by far the most common, though in recent years 29 inchers have been gaining popularity.

The majority of mountain bike wheels use inner tubes, however tubeless wheels are gaining both popularity and respectability. The advantages of tubeless wheels are that they are far more adjustable, allowing for better traction, and they are less likely to puncture (though certainly not immune to it). They also provide improved shock absorption.

You'll want wide tires for serious mountain biking, because the wider the wheel is, the more contact it has with the terrain, and thus the more control.

When buying a mountain bike, you should take note of the type of wheels it has, because it is very difficult (and expensive) to switch between tube and tubeless wheels. Do some research and decide which you prefer, and buy accordingly.