Why Mongoose?

Why Mongoose?

In the search for a new mountain bike, there are a lot of options. Lots of brands, and lots of different types of bikes within each brand. What, if anything, makes Mongoose a good brand to buy? Let's take a look.


Founded in 1974, BMX Products, Inc. is the predecessor to today's Mongoose. Working alone out of his garage, designer Skip Hess began producing a few handmade bicycles, and within several years had a factory of 105,000 square feet and some 85 employees under him. This was a man building a bicycle empire. Technically, Mongoose mountain bikes are just one of the products made by BMX Products, Inc. Then, in 2001, Mongoose merged with Pacific Cycles.


Today, Mongoose sells two 'categories' of bikes. One is the lower end, mass-produced kind you see in a super-retailer such as Wal-Mart or Target. The other is a super-high-end, specialized bike found on Mongoose's website and other retailers around the web. These are the kinds of bikes sold on this site.

Current Events

Currently, Mongoose is heavily involved in a number of professional cycling events, as well as sponsoring several well-known riders, such as Eric Rupe, Garett Buehler, and Steve “Romo” Romaniuk. Mongoose is also an influential partner in such competitions as the X Games and the Dew Action Sports Tour.